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This was supposed to be the title of Bjork’s album “Vespertine,” I thought it was a really kewl concept so I decided to see what I could do with it: I’m here in my room searching for a place to call home I’m watching you hoping to perfect me I locked myself away I thought […]

“if I die in a horrible plane crash just remember …

“if I die in a horrible plane crash just remember that you didn’t come out and kick it with me saturday and if you had you wouldn’t have gotten caught by the cops transporting ballons and an illegal umpa-loompa” -Cristal to me, about why everyone is abandoning me this weekend


I don’t usually comment on other artist’s works here, but all of you must discover M.I.A.. She’s on the music store, download Galang (South Rakkas Remix) and Sunshowers. After that, fire up the illegal software and find her mix-tape Piracy Funds Terrorism, Vol. 1, there’s a review of it on Pitchfork. Everyone is saying this […]

All these things I do just for you

Heartbreak is inevitable, no matter what you do, so why not beat the other to it? I lied just to make noise I cried so I would be heard All day I throw daggers Hoping to puntcure your heart I know, You know, I watch from so far Wanting to memorize you I invented my […]

Shotgun to the revolution

“I started all this,” Said the shotgun to the revolution All the pens have long since been discarded My children, they breathe this city new life You captured their hearts Now as it all falls, what of their minds? “Everything you see, it’s ’cause of me,” Said the shotgun to the revolution I made you, […]