Video : John Legend on Anderson Cooper 360 ‘The Opponents of the President’s Agenda WANT This to be a Race War’

I agree with John Legend and Roland Martin that this a tactic used by Obama’s opponents to derail the real issues at hand and to de-legitimize Obama – the mixed-race American man with a Kenyan Muslim father – is the rightful heir to the white man’s Presidential throne in America.

I also agree with John Legend that if Hillary Clinton was the President of the United States of America she would suffer similar claims about her gender because she is not a white male ascending to the Presidency of the United States of America. Yes, Bill Clinton suffered ridiculous allegations that were distractions from the policies but as Roland Martin kept stating, the kinds of allegations lodged against President Barack Hussein Obama are very different from those other Presidents have faced in the past. Just because there are no more black and white drinking fountains does not mean racism is dead in America nor does it mean these attacks are not racially motivated challenges in a nation in which you are either black or white:

“I think Racism is thrown into the mix to inflame people. If Hillary Clinton were President it would be something else. When Bill Clinton, when he was President, it was something else. Whatever it is, its a distraction from the real topic which is health care which is the economy.”