Lady Gaga Talks Kanye and Taylor, Continues to Espouse Her Greatness

Kanye West’s tour Fame Kills tour partner Lady Gaga recently spoke to a Las Vegas radio station about the 2009 Video Music Awards and of course what she believes to be her greatness and uniqueness:

On her reaction to Kanyes famous outburst:

“I would say hes a good guy and everybody makes mistakes, and he feels so fing bad. He really does. I think that everyone can get so caught up in gossip and stuff…its unfair to judge somebody on one mistake theyve made,” she said. “I felt like that moment kind of like really portrayed him in a way that he really isnt. It was just a random moment.”

This is where it gets really interesting and she goes back to art school confidential mode.

On Kanyes Prolific Impact Throughout Genres:

If you listen to the radio right now, with the exception of myself, really, and Taylor Swift, Kanye is responsible for everything were listening to,” she said. “Hes changed music and hes really prolific and an incredible person.”

Oh Gaga, you doth protest far too much.

Lady Gaga Talks Kanye Wests VMA Stage Invasion: ‘He Feels So Bad‘ [MTV]