Orly Taitz’s Delusions of Grandure ‘Comparing Herself to Nelson Mandela’

Liza Mundy‘s feature of Orly Taitz is a particularly unsettling read. Throughout the article what really comes through is the incredible hubris and sheer lack of logic evident in a woman who tried to get a soldier out of serving in Iraq because United States President, Barack Hussein Obama is ‘not constitutionally qualified to be commander in chief,’ who is demanding the academic records of the President of the United States of America, and who is asking state militias to check people arriving into the United States for Swine Flu.

What is particularly interesting is that this woman has devoted so much time to trying to disprove Obama’s legitimacy as the President of the United States of America while repeatedly denying any racial or religious motivation, but in reality, many of her claims and demands against Obama would have been much better suited for his predecessor. After all, was the man who ‘won’ a highly questionable and contested 2000 election ‘constitutionally qualified to be commander in chief?’ Why not ask Bush for his transcripts from Yale considering he didn’t necessarily excel in college?

So who is less qualified to run the United States and send troops into battle Ms. Taitz, a man who many claimed stole the 2000 election and had a middling academic record at one of the nation’s top institutions of higher learning or the man that won by a clear majority and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School?

My children are so excited . . . that the president of the United States will have to appear in Moms office in Rancho Santa Margarita,” says Taitz, whose English is richly Russian-accented; she grew up in the former Soviet republic of Moldova.

Taitz, breathtakingly, reacted by accusing the judge of treason and comparing herself to Nelson Mandela.

It is extremely important to ensure that the people of this country dont lose their freedoms, because if they do, this country will turn into a dictatorship, just like the communist Soviet Union, just like Mahmoud Ahmadinejads Iran, or Saddam Husseins Iraq, or Kim Jong Ils North Korea.”

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