Video : Hamid Karzai on Farid Zakaria GPS, ‘I’m Known for Consensus’

Hamid Karzai says that all parties involved have had made mistakes over the past 8 years and speaks well about wanting to make the best decisions for a nation in the situation that Afghanistan is in, which are all fairly by the book positions for an unpopular President facing charges of illegitimacy at home and abroad to take.

It remains to be seen however, if Karzai’s new found rhetorical allegiance to all things Afghan (including his unwillingness to berate Dr. Ashraf Ghani on International television) will in fact hold up in his actions should he win the impending run-off election.

Of course, his questioning of the partnership between the United States and Afghanistan is probably not the best stance to take in order for Karzai to prove his allegiance to the people of Afghanistan:

This democracy that resembles a toddler, it walks and falls. We have to understand that and we have to accept the Afghan elections in the context of the Afghan situation. The poverty and lack of means of this country.”

“Partnership is not a one way street…As poor as we may be in Afghanistan, as in need as we may be in Afghanistan, we are still a country, a people, a history, and we do matter