Video : Proof Chris Brown and His Fans Are Stupid

Chris Brown put up a link to this fanmade video of him and Rihanna before he did this to her on his Twitter account.

This video is further proof of just how sad the implications on American youth culture of Brown’s fans continued support of him are. First a group of them went to the Los Angeles courthouse to support him and now Brown himself links to this fanmade video. SMH

Even Mariah Carey is smarter than this.

Chris should be doing the responsible thing and asking his fans to support the millions of girls and women in the country who do not have the money, fame, and adoration that he and Rihanna dealing with domestic violence. Remember that it took Brown months to publicly (half-heartedly) apologize for his violent actions.

The fact is that Chris Brown is a public figure, and his actions along with the reactions to those actions, reflect on the thousands of young fans of his music. For this reason, the situation cannot be whitewashed and Brown cannot be let off the hook for his violent actions simply because he is a popular musician: