Video : Dr. Ashraf Ghani Corruption ‘Threatening Our Existence as a Nation’

Former Afghan Presidential candidate, Dr. Ashraf Ghani was on CNN with Christiane Amanpour to discuss the prospects of a corruption free Karzai regime.

As Dr. Ghani states, the corruption is deeply engrained within the Karzai Administration because as Karzai himself admitted, the governors ministers are appointed by the Presient. Therefore to simply take out or disempower Karzai alone would not be a suitable solution for the people of Afghanistan.

Dr. Ghani also refers back to his statement comparing Hamid Karzai to King Lear saying that kinship and kingship do not go together at all.

Of course, the best part of the interview was Dr. Ghani’s reminder that the people of Afghanistan do not want to be abandoned yet again and that for the first time in 5,000 years Afghans feel as if the foreign armies in their nation are not there for occupation.

The President owes his election to the very forces that are negative

Kinship and ruling are not compatible. In our history those who have built states have had to separate themselves from their kin and unless one meets that test, one cannot rise to become a statesman

The level of scrutiny that Afghanistan is receiving, is receiving in the issue of corruption, is now receiving on the international media is an immense source of positive pressure. Second, Afghan society is mobilizing. Afghan society intenesely dislikes this corruption, because it has destroyed the moral fabric of this society. It is a Cancer that is threatening our existence as a nation. So the two sides are finally seeing eye to eye. For eight years the International Community under the leadership of President Bush tolerated corruption, did not raise any issues where the Afghan public was complaining about it. Now, both the International Community and the Afghan public are on the same page”

“In the process that threat cannot be eliminated unless Afghanistan is made stable. And it cannot be made stable unless a process of statebuilding is made in earnest

Its very easy to talk about a place unseen and a people unmet