Karzai’s Brother From ‘King of Kandahar’ to Kandahar’s Nancy Pelosi

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s embattled youngest brother, and head of the Kandahar Provincial Council, Ahmad Wali Karzai recently spoke to the Daily Beast’s Elise Jordan.

The younger Karzai works hard to shake the image of the corrupt, narcotics dealing, CIA-informing ‘King of Kandahar‘ that he believes has been falsely placed upon him.

Ahmad Wali Karzai‘s reputation is all the more disconcerting to international forces considering that the city of Kandahar has been a consistent Taliban stronghold. The city once known for being the second largest in Afghanistan, is now known the world over as the militant group’s spiritual center.

Though the younger Karzai did appear to be more understanding of the United States’ position in his nation than his famous older brother has been in recent months, Ahmad Wali Karzai did lapse into his brother’s questionable rhetoric of things being Afghan only matters that the outside world should have no involvement in.

In the end, Ahmad Wali Karzai did little to clear his name, but the younger Karzai did provide us with some interesting insights into how he sees himself in relation to the larger problems of the Afghan nation:

Role as anegotiator:’

I’m like the Nancy Pelosi of Kandahar… a local politician and negotiator. I am not the things some people accuse me of. This is an Afghan politics problem. It has nothing to do with the international community. It is between us.”

Willingness to aid international forces:

The tribes trust me and I am willing to help this upcoming military operation, which everyone is supporting,” he said. The people of Kandaharwant development and more reconstruction activities. We must listen to them and we must work with them. I am sure that I can bridge between the people and the governor and the coalition. I want to play this positive role.”

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