Keith Olbermann on Stanley McChrystal : “Get the Hell Back to Afghanistan”

CNN has reported that General Stanley McChrystal has submitted his resignation to President Barack Hussein Obama due presumably in large part to the fallout from his highly contentious interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

In one of his signature Special Comment segments, Keith Olbermann reminds President Obama that the criticisms lodged military and policy officials under the Bush Administration lead to a litany of firings (one that Olbermann rehashed alphabetically) precisely because each of those men criticized the Bush Administration’s handling of the Iraq War.

For Obama to accept McChrystal’s resignation would not only put him back on the same level as George W. Bush in terms of their inability to accept criticism of their handling of war (at the very least in the public’s eyes), but would also greatly affect the events on the ground in Afghanistan. As the United States prepares to engage in Operation Hamkari in Kandahar, Olbermann is correct to assert that McChrystal must finish the job he started in Afghanistan.

McChrystal’s comments may have been misguided and possibly inappropriate (depending upon who you ask), but they do not preclude him from his chief responsibility – stabilizing Afghanistan – a responsibility that bears a greater weight than any criticisms he may have lodged against any members of the Obama Administration or the United States military:

How many Americans still looking for a rationalization to justify their rage at a Democratic President, or a Black one, or an intelligent one will have new fuel to feed their blind hatred?”

A willingness to listen to the commanders on the ground

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