Saad Mohseni on McChrystal Resignation : ‘Big Loss for’ Afghanistan

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Afghan media mogul Saad Mohseni reminds the world of Hamid Karzai and McChrystal’s closeness, something the Afghan President does not share with either Richard Holbrooke (who purportedly got into a screaming match with the Afghan President following the nation’s fraudulent Presidential election) or Karl Aikenberry (both of whom McChrystal and his aides criticized in the now infamous Rolling Stone interview).

Mohseni asserts that the closeness that Karzai and McChrystal (who he credits with crafting all American strategy in Afghanistan) share is a valuable bargaining tool for the United States in pushing the Karzai Administration to take greater steps in the fight against insurgents and Islamists in Afghanistan:

It will be an extraordinary loss of opportunity for Afghanistan. He is very close to President Karzai, which no one else in Washington is. To see McChrystal go is to lose ground and have to restart the whole effort from scratch. He is very determined to get the job done, so it would be a big loss for the country.”

Karzai Loses His Only Friend [The Daily Beast]