Chris Brown : From Plain ‘Abuser’ to ‘Abuser / Thief’

It seems getting away with assault and battery against a woman has gotten the best of Chris Brown’s ego.

The beleaguered singer is trying to blaze a comeback with the follow-up to his unexpected #1 single Deuces (still haven’t heard it), Yeah 3X.

There’s just one problem, Chris Brown stole a great deal of Yeah 3X’s beat from one of the best singles of the last year (if not the decade), Calvin Harris’ Im Not Alone.

Unfortunately, Calvin Harris has had to deal with constant attacks from rabid Chris Brown fans – who have already proven they make poor life decisions in their questionable and problematic defense of the man found guilty of abuse- since initially pointing out the “coincidence” on September 26.

Anyone else ready to take up Pop Justice’s call for punching Chris Brown?

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