Obama, Clinton Getting Credit for Something in Egypt WTF?!

Yes, it seems U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State of Hillary Clinton had to get credit for something in relation to the recent uprisings in Egypt. Luckily for the two highest-ranking American politicians who repeatedly referred to Mobarak as an ally, it happens to be something that is an essential tool of democracy no less.

No, it’s not for setting a new low in making ridiculous statements (that award would go to Vice President Joe Biden). Nope. It’s not for the U.S. made tear gas canisters fired at the protesters either.

So what is it? Why, free promotion and legitimization of two American Internet companies, of course:

In mentioning social media in the same breath as physical protests and traditional forms of dissent, Obama elevated it to a place alongside several protections offered by the First Amendment.

This may be the first time an American president has referred to social networking as critical during a time of crisis.

Of course, Julie Moos leaves out that Obama is only the second President to have served in the age of social networking and that it hasn’t really been utilized as a tool for disseminating information about breaking political events (big difference between information sharing and democracy or revolution) for more than 2 years. Just sayin’.

How Obama, Clinton legitimized Twitter & Facebook as tools of democracy in Egypt [Poynter]