America Your Head’s Too Big, امریکا ≠ مصر

Steely blue eyes with no love in them, scan the World,
And a humourless smile, with no warmth within, greets the world.
And I, I have got nothing, to offer you
nononono, just this heart deep and true, which you say you don’t need

Graffitti in Adams Morgan; Washington, DC

The Morrissey lyric is completed with the line “Because America, Your belly is too big. And I love you, I just wish youd stay where you belong.” Indeed, there is a lesson for the United States in the recent uprisings in the Middle East, but it’s not how those movements can be co-opted for partisan American gains.

The real lesson for the United States in the movements sweeping the Middle East is to ask itself how it (and its policies) contributed to the turmoil in Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya.