Only Words, Unless They’re True : Lil B Proving a Point With ‘I’m Gay’ Album Title?

You think youre so smart, You try to manipulate me
You try to humiliate with your words, You think you’re so chic
…You think youre so much better than me, But your actions speak louder than words
And theyre only words, unless theyre true

According to Pigeons & Planes, Lil B., the man behind Wonton Soup, will title his new album “I’m Gay.”

The announcement, at The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival prompted the popular music Blog to ask what exactly the rapper’s point is? According to the video of the announcement, Lil B. claims:

Ima do the most controversial thing in Hip Hop…Show y’all that words dont mean shit. I’ma make an album called ‘I’m Gay’…People be worried about definitions with words and shit…”

However, B’s point about rising above words and titles is compromised with the qualification that:

I like women. I love women.”

So it seems the rapper is taking the well-tread path of the likes of Madonna and Lady GaGa in creating controversy for controversy’s sake. If he really wanted to make the album title about his belief that “no matter what you do, live life. You only got one life to live [and] be happy,” then why the qualification about his appreciation for the fairer sex?

If B’s point was truly to prove that “words dont mean shit” he would have just announced the album title without the caveat about his continued heterosexuality and refused to answer any further questions about the title other than referring to his original statement.

Sadly, rather than taking a bold first step for Hip Hop, it seems like Lil B. is merely making a trite attempt at keeping his name on the mouths and the computer screens of the general public at any cost. It’s just unfortunate that in order to gain extra attention Lil B. is exploiting the struggles of an already marginalized and maligned community while claiming to make what amounts to a seemingly insincere statement about rising above the hate and labels of others to live your life as you want.

After all, as one Twitter commenter put it:

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