Dreamers or Donkey, US Citizenship in Context

While gifted, passionate, hard-working, wellspoken students like David Cho face the daily threat of deportation because of the US government’s unwillingness to pass the Dream Act, the United States government spent 37 days and tens of thousands of dollars to make a donkey from Iraq’s Anbar Province a ‘resident’ of the United States of America.

Apparently, to some United States Marines, ‘it didnt seem right‘ that an Iraqi donkeywas left behind‘ in Iraq, where he is from. OKay…

The society estimates it cost between $30,000 to $40,000 from start to finish, with expenses such as $150 to ship Smoke’s blood from Turkey to a U.S. Department of Agriculture lab in Iowa, $18,890 for a Lufthansa flight through Frankfurt, Germany and $400 a day for quarantine in New York. Folsom says he recognizes some people may be critical of the expense, which was paid for through donations, but he says he considers it payback for the donkey that was such a friend to Marines.

Also, because Americans spend BILLIONS of dollars on pet food every year the tens of thousands of tax-paying dollars used to make an IRAQI DONKEY a U.S. citizen was worth it. OKay…

Meanwhile, 65,000 hard-working students like David Cho, who grew up in the United States must constantly live with the threat of deportation hanging over their heads.

Also, the obscene amounts of money Americans spend on their pets may not be something to highlight to the rest of the world living in poverty. Just sayin’

Smoke the Iraqi donkey becomes an American [CBS]