Afghan pianist, Omar Akram wins a Grammy

Afghan-American pianist Omar Akram has won the Best New Age Album Award at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards for Echoes of Love, his fourth studio album released on June 05, 2012. Akram’s win comes as the Afghan National Orchestra performs at three iconic venues in the US, including the Kennedy Centre and Carnegie Hall.

… And a river of blood: Teju Cole’s drone stories

All 7, and we’ll watch them fall, They stand in the way of [… ?], And we will smoke them all, With an intellect and a savior-faire, No one in the whole universe, Will ever compare … And in the distance an army’s marching feet (1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4), But behold, […]

انگشتر هزار مشکلات

‌ Before leaving Doha for Kabul I was stopped by someone. “Ali. I read there is a thriving limousine business in Kabul, is that true?” Knowing that in Doha “limousine” can mean almost any non-city taxi I asked for clarification. “Yes, limousines. Is it true?” “I don’t know, probably …” I said while fighting the […]

Anisa is not Malala, at least not yet

  “Schoolgirl Shot to Death in Kapisa“, read the headline of a December 04 Tolo news story about Anisa, a volunteer for a polio vaccination campaign in the eastern province. Since that report on Tuesday, the Afghan social media sphere has been in uproar over the shooting. With an emphasis on the “schoolgirl” in the […]

Heart of a Lion: Massoud’s complicated legacy

On September 09, 2001, Fahim Dashty reported to the northeast Afghanistan headquarters of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s United Front resistance movement. The young journalist hoped the lens of his camera would capture the thoughtful, charismatic Mujhaideen leader. Dashty and the man the Wall Street Journal called “the Afghan who won the Cold War” were separated by […]