Anisa is not Malala, at least not yet

  “Schoolgirl Shot to Death in Kapisa“, read the headline of a December 04 Tolo news story about Anisa, a volunteer for a polio vaccination campaign in the eastern province. Since that report on Tuesday, the Afghan social media sphere has been in uproar over the shooting. With an emphasis on the “schoolgirl” in the […]

Heart of a Lion: Massoud’s complicated legacy

On September 09, 2001, Fahim Dashty reported to the northeast Afghanistan headquarters of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s United Front resistance movement. The young journalist hoped the lens of his camera would capture the thoughtful, charismatic Mujhaideen leader. Dashty and the man the Wall Street Journal called “the Afghan who won the Cold War” were separated by […]

Rick Perry against criminal charges for Marines

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry called any potential criminal charges against four US Marines videotaped urinating on dead Afghan fighters “over the top”. Perry’s statements to CNN’s State of the Union programme on Sunday come in opposition to Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, who called the act “inhuman” in a statement released shortly after the video […]

Radio host Loesch ‘I don’t’ have problem w Marine video

Radio host and CNN contributor, Dana Loesch has caused an internet stir with her comments on a recently-surfaced video depicting US Marines urinating on dead Afghan bodies in Helmand province last year. Referring to the dead bodies as Taliban (the bodies have yet to be identified as civilians or Taliban), Loesch said “Do I have […]

Back to the Future? US-Taliban Negotiations

Tonight’s episode of The Stream on Al Jazeera asked if the US is coming to terms with the Taliban? One of my comments made it on to air tonight, but the 140-character limitations of Twitter may have rendered it an incomplete statement. @AJStream Because they think it’s 1987 again. They want a quick exit, out […]