Inception’s Millions a Sign of Our Postmodern Times?

“the real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced” –Jean Baudrillard describes Christopher Nolan‘s Inception – the fifth highest grossing film of the Summer 2010 movie season – as: The $160 million movie was a big gamble for Time Warner studio Warner Bros. It‘s not based on […]

Roger Chillingworth Calls Hester Prynne a ‘Slut’ on Facebook

The good (and extremely clever) people over at College Humor have taken it upon themselves to create Facebook status updates for 5 literary characters. As Nathional Hawthorne‘s The Scarlet Letter was one of our favorite books in high school the back and forth between Hester Prynne, Rev. John Wilson, and Governor Bellingham depicted here was […]

Video : Pee-wee Herman Shouldn’t Do a Whole Interview in Character, May Be a FOB

It really seemed like Paul Reubens was struggling to keep the Pee-Wee voice going and sometimes fell back into his own natural voice, but when it worked it definitely worked. As for Pee-Wee’s misunderstandings about music recording (I don’t think artists today would be that exhausted, given sales) and the different clocks at the restaurant, […]

Mike Shinoda – Glorious Excess (Dies)

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda shows his latest artwork as he explains the process and concepts behind some of the pieces: “Everybody‘s basically doing different incarnations of the same thing. I thought there was something weird about the connection between that kind of thing as it applies to a product but then also that as it […]

Video : Top 10 Funniest Ralph Wiggum Quotes

When Ralph Wiggum appears on screen in an episode of The Simpsons you are almost guaranteed to see brief moment of comedic genius come out of the precocious little boy’s not so smart mouth: 10 Funniest Ralph Wiggum Quotes [Digg]