Two Words Absent From Obama Daily Show Interview : ‘Iraq’ and ‘Afghanistan’

“Are we the people we were waiting for? Or, does it turn out those people are still out there” When Jon Stewart was on Crossfire in 2005, Tucker Carlson accused him of being too soft on then Presidential candidate John Kerry. Yesterday, Stewart hosted current President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama at the […]

To Get Nowhere Fast : Why Malcolm Gladwell is Correct About Twitter and Social Change

Earlier this month Malcolm Gladwell’s piece about social media and activism in the New Yorker caused quite a stir online. The battle lines were drawn almost immediately as people took to the Internet to express their disagreement with Gladwell’s stance. However, in the rush to defend the likes of Twitter and Facebook it seems that […]

Could Sudan Be Afghanistan Part III and Iraq Part II?

In an Op–Ed for the New York Times, John Prendergast and author Dave Eggers explore a question they see as gaining increasing prominence within the United States – if the United States has the “ability as a nation to positively influence events abroad?” According to Eggers and Prendergast not only does the United States still […]

Foreign Policy Afghanistan #6 Failed State of 2010, Africa Dominates Top 5

In collaboration with the Fund for Peace Foreign Policy Magazine has published their rankings of Failed States in 2010. Foreign Policy uses 12 indicators to define a Failed State, but the recurring factors in many nations in the Top 10 of the rankings are: One of the most common is the loss of physical control […]

Video : Islamist Youth Surge in the West

Majid Nawaz‘s question about imagined loyalty and connections is perhaps the most important of the entire piece. The power of the growing Western Islamist movement is the ability of it’s leadership to create imagined bonds between Western Muslims and the people of nations they very likely have never stepped foot in or share little else […]