Radio host Loesch ‘I don’t’ have problem w Marine video

Radio host and CNN contributor, Dana Loesch has caused an internet stir with her comments on a recently-surfaced video depicting US Marines urinating on dead Afghan bodies in Helmand province last year. Referring to the dead bodies as Taliban (the bodies have yet to be identified as civilians or Taliban), Loesch said “Do I have […]

Back to the Future? US-Taliban Negotiations

Tonight’s episode of The Stream on Al Jazeera asked if the US is coming to terms with the Taliban? One of my comments made it on to air tonight, but the 140-character limitations of Twitter may have rendered it an incomplete statement. @AJStream Because they think it’s 1987 again. They want a quick exit, out […]

CAP and Dr. Ashraf Ghani on Pakistan’s post-attack strategy

Days after Pakistan blocked NATO access to supply routes into Afghanistan, Chairman of the Afghan Transition Commission, Dr. Ashraf Ghani addressed the Pakistani reaction to a cross-border NATO attack that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead. Speaking at a November 29 press conference in Kabul, Dr. Ghani called all involved to allow a proper investigation into […]

Steve Jobs the iHoms?

Some commenters on this Lede post about Steve Jobs’ Arab heritage are asking why the media should be concentrating on his Homsi background to the alleged exclusion of his European background? One commenter called the focus on Jobs’ Syrian background “so patriarchal,” while another sees the referencing of his Syrian background as “suck[ing] up to […]

Who SHOULD Win 2011 VMAs

Tomorrow night MTV will once again takeover Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre to hand out the Moonmen for their Video Music Awards, now in its 27th year. Rather than wondering how Katy Perry managed to earn herself NINE nominations in a year that saw BNW favorites Adele, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Lupe Fiasco score nominations, […]