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M.I.A.’s Five Month Old Baby Ikhyd in Same Henry Holland Outfit as Mother at Grammys

When M.I.A. performed live on stage at the 2009 Grammy Awards, her Henry Holland outfit proved to be one of the most provocative parts of a performance featuring a nine month pregnant Sri Lankan refugee performing live on stage with four Hip Hop icons and now Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam has put a miniaturized version of […]

M.I.A. FINALLY Gets Award Show Love

She performed nine months pregnant and left the Staples Center without a golden gramophone. The Academy Awards offered a bed for her to perform in, but no Oscar statuette to call her own. Then, amid all of the news of Michael Jackson’s untimely passing M.I.A.’s awards show curse was broken at the BET Awards of […]

Oscar Producers Desperate for M.I.A. Performance. IN BED.

Leave it to the Vulture Blog to put M.I.A.’s presence at yet another award show into perspective for us: Why won’t awards shows leave this poor woman alone? M.I.A. just gave birth last Wednesday, but try telling that to the Oscar producers. Following her heroic performance (and subsequent shafting) at the Grammys on her due […]

Vulture Calls Grammys “Stupid” in defense of “Shafted” M.I.A.

The official response to Pitchfork’s question of the Grammys becoming more relevant has finally been published courtesy of the Vulture Blog: Everyone knows the Grammys are a stupid, terrible sham of an awards show, presented by the most backwards, worst-performing arm of our failing entertainment industry, and held in honor of our oldest, oldest artists. […]

No One on The Corner Had Swagger Like Them : M.I.A. , Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I. Live on Stage

Courtesy of the Louis Vuitton Don himself: SWAGGER LIKE US 2009 GRAMMY PERFORMANCE [Kanye West Blog}