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Even Madonna Can’t Remember What Made Her Great

This is sad. This is so sad. I would tell Madonna that in the future if you know a song is ‘retarded’ just don’t put it on an album i.e.: Sorry but then I quickly realized that could mean we never would have heard Into the Groove. Madonna should consider herself lucky that we would […]

Idolator Perfectly Explains Madonna’s Irrelevance

Apparently Madonna is just now catching up to the trends of 4 years ago, by allegedly creating a line of clothes for Ed Hardy: Or the way that Madonna used to at least define trends for people stuck out in the suburbs, whereas now she‘s reduced to chasing along after them, like a family dog […]

United States of Pop 2008 : Viva La Pop

With The United States of Pop 2008, mash-up artist, DJ Earworm took the Top 25 songs of 2008 according to Billboard Magazine, and turned them into an atmospheric meditation on the state of American popular music in a year where despondence and hope came face to face but failed to organize the masses to demand […]