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Robertson Blames Haitian Earthquake on ‘Pact to the Devil’

Host of the 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson has come out and referred to an old myth about the founding of Haiti to explain the disastrous death toll from the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake that has devastated Haiti. Notice in the video below that Robertson’s co-host seems to hang on to […]

Video : Sarah Palin Supporters Know Nothing About Her

Normally I find these types of videos where a large crowd of people are setup to look like fools ridiculous, especially when the interviewer steps in and starts to feed specific responses to the interviewees, but there is just something about the sheer amount of speculation and buzz words these people spew that boggles my […]

Sorry Slate, Islam is NOT Sole Religious Threat in the U.S.

In an article for Slate, Jacob Weisberg asks if United States President Barack Hussein Obama has been too conciliatory towards Islam and not taken a hard enough stance against terrorism purportedly carried out under the guise of Islamic duty. Though Weisberg does do a good job in separating Moderate Muslims from Muslim terrorists, his diction […]

Video : Anti-Abortion Group’s Instructions on How to Burn Effigies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

There really aren’t many words to describe the ridiculousness, hypocrisy, and outright disrespect in this video. Again, Conservatives would be up in arms if Muslims were burning effigies of American leaders and yet they are encouraging their own people to do the same: Is this what America has come to? [Twitter]

Nixon Compares Inter-racial Babies to Rape

According to the New York Times, when the Supreme Court case of Roe V. Wade allowed for legal abortions in the United States of America, President Richard Nixon remained publicly silent. However, Nixon’s public silence was not matched personally, where he said inter-racial babies and the children resulting from rape were cases where abortion was […]