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M.I.A. Discusses World Politics, Obama With Anna Wintour Rockin’ Goodwill Suit

Ms. Arulpragasam has already starred in an ad. campaign for Marc Jacobs so why not have her discussing the intricacies of world politics in the pages of Vogue Magazine? Seriously, Vogue could use the increased ad. sales and circulation that a truly fresh face with unique style and ideas like M.I.A.’s could bring to the […]

Afghan Star Submitted as British Entry for Foreign Language Academy Award

Bisyar cool: Afghan Star, which follows two male and two female participants in the contest, was submitted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta). Though British, it is eligible because most of its dialogue is in Dari. Last year’s submission, Hope Eternal, was predominantly in Welsh but did not make the eventual […]

M.I.A. and Salman Rushdie on The Hour

During my first quarter at UC Santa Cruz I wrote my final paper for an Indian Diaspora Through Film course on M.I.A. (just before Arular was released) and Salman Rushdie as examples of diasporic art and its impact on a larger society. Seeing each of them interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos a year apart reminded me […]