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Jon Stewart on Why War Isn’t a Secret Super Mario Level

On the day that the White House announced it would not show the pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s death, Jon Stewart addressed the issue head on. Stewart reminded the Administration (in vain) that the American people constantly see gruesome images on their television sets and more importantly, that for the people of the ‘Muslim world’ […]

Despite ‘Frequently Visit’ing Afghanistan Ann Marlowe Gets Afghanistan Wrong

In writing about the reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s death in Kabul, The Daily Beast’s Anne Marlowe manages to make many missteps resulting in more than one problematic statement about Afghanistan. Marlowe begins by declaring that “there were no sounds of celebration” to mark the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, sorry Afghans […]

2 Cents on Bacha Bazi

In writing about bacha bazi and how it fits into the on-going East-West dynamic of Human Rights discourse I came to a conclusion (after facing a lot of frustration with much of the Eurocentric and Orientalist verbiage in a lot of the writing about the controversial subject). Namely that as with any predatory or exploitative […]

Greening Afghanistan for Nowroz

As green has come to be known as the color of Nowroz, the Afghan government is using the new year festivities to help restore some of the greenery of the Afghan nation. The joint project between ISAF and the Karzai government is aimed to bring the rate of the nation’s forests back to the 5 […]

US in Afghanistan to NOT Do A Lot of Things

During Vice President Joe Biden’s previously un–announced trip to Afghanistan, the White House has released a statement to clarify the goals of the United States in the embattled nation. As the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan under President Obama has suffered from a massive P.R. crisis (an issue which Tina Brown identified to as a surprising […]