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Ramy Zamzam ‘Jihad is not Terrorism’

The statements of terror suspects Ramy Zamzam and Ahmed Minni are particularly troubling when one considers the fact that these young men have been accused of reaching out to militant groups through American created online social networking websites. As the Pakistani allegations of the suspects’ use of social networking sites to reach out to militant […]

Video : Jamal Dajani U.S. Hasn’t Learned From Own ‘Mistakes in Iraq’

I don’t know if I agree with Dajani’s statements that unlike in Iraq, the Taliban is embedded in Afghanistan in a more integral manner. The Taliban were a largely Pakistani force created and maintained by Pakistan. The Taliban retain power because of their fear tactics and propaganda, not a true sense of loyalty and connection. […]

Secretary Clinton’s Blunt Words to Pakistan : ‘If You Want to See Your Territory Shrink, That’s Your Choice’

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had very choice words for the people of Pakistan, which seemed to be in direct contrast with the Bush Administration who considered Pakistan an ally after the United States began its mission in Afghanistan in 2001. Clinton held nothing back as she came right out and said that […]

Ron Paul U.S. Only in Afghanistan ‘To Save Face’

First off, allow me to answer a few questions for the good Congressman: • The reason the United States needs more than 10,000 troops in 2009 is because the War in Iraq and un-checked, corrupt Afghan government have allowed the Taliban to reconstitute themselves in Afghanistan. Also, Congressman Paul’s statements about the increasing deaths due […]

General McChrystal Warns of Illegitimate Government’s Role in U.S. Afghanistan Strategy

The impending chaos that the article warns of if the government corruption continues is exactly what lead to the rise of the Taliban in 1996 after seven years of civil war under the rule of war lords. Essentially, Afghanistan would be reverting back in time to a state just after the Cold War: Allegations of […]