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Obama’s Tucson Address, a Benchmark?

Speaking on the impact of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s address at a eulogy for the victims of 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner‘s shooting at a Safeway in Tucson last week, Al Jazeera English’s Patty Culhane said: “From here on out I think everything he does will be measured by the pundits against this incredible speech […]

Without Clear Proof Palin Can’t be Implicated in Giffords’ Shooting

After 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, shot Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed six other people at a Tucson Safeway, many in the Blogosphere and Twitterverse began to point to this image Sarah Palin had posted on her Facebook Page in March to somehow implicate Palin’s bad taste and badass posturing in Giffords’ attack. The 22-year-old has […]

70% of Americans Palin Unqualified for Presidency

It seems that the American people (including Republicans) are finally coming to their senses, as Sarah Palin’s favorability reaches an all-time low of just under 40% according to a new Washington Post poll. In fact, in just under three months, the number of people who see Palin as unfit for the Presidency has seen a […]

Video : Apparently, Sarah Palin CAN Read

After William Shatner recited Sarah Palin’s Twitter updates and later her resignation speech, Palin decided to return the ‘favor’ by reciting excerpts from Shatner’s autobiography Up Till Now! Despite all reservations about Sarah Palin and her fame, credit must be given where it’s due, the stunt had the audience completely floored:

Video : Sarah Palin Supporters Know Nothing About Her

Normally I find these types of videos where a large crowd of people are setup to look like fools ridiculous, especially when the interviewer steps in and starts to feed specific responses to the interviewees, but there is just something about the sheer amount of speculation and buzz words these people spew that boggles my […]