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Jay-Z on Kanye West : ‘He Didn’t Kill Anybody’

Jay-Z joined his duet partner Alicia Keys in trying to calm the hysteria surrounding Kanye West’s outburst at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Like Alicia, Jay is critical of the witch hunt against Kanye and states that even though the outburst was in poor taste it was undoubtably Kanye being the passionate artist he has […]

Video : Alicia Keys on Lil Mama ‘We Would Have Preferred She Did it From Her Seat’

Turns out Alicia Keys has made a day out of surprise television appearances. Before heading over to BET later in the day, Alicia Keys stopped by the fourth hour of the Today Show where she begrudgingly addressed Lil Mama’s intrusion on her and Jay-Z’s electric performance of Empire State of Mind, or as Hoda Kotb […]

Alicia Keys on Kanye West : ‘You Can’t Crucify The Man’

Alicia Keys was a surprise guest on BET’s 106 and Park where she was asked about the now infamous Kanye West incident. As always, Alicia’s class, grace, and intelligence managed to put everything into perspective: “It‘s obvious that he understands that, that probably wasn‘t the best thing to do. In retrospect I‘m sure that he […] Offers MTV Some Sage Advice on Dealing With Future Interlopers at VMAs

Speaking of the actually offensive crime of last night’s Video Music Awards, Lil Mama randomly running on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys during their out of this world rendition of Empire State of Mind, offers MTV the following loving advice: Personally, I think MTV might want to invest in a moat around the […]