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The Green Revolution is About More Than Twitter

In ‘Spinning the War: Political Communications, Information Operations and Public Diplomacy in the War on Terrorism’, Robin Brown refers to a quote from Karl Von Clausewitz that perfectly embodies both the Brown and Kai Hafez (“International Reporting”) pieces on global media “War is nothing more than the continuation of politics“. As both pieces prove, much […]

Video : Dana Perino Forgets 9/11

Apparently George W. Bush’s forth and final Press Secretary, Dana Perino had forgotten all about the 9/11 terrorist attacks when she stated on FOX News that the Ft. Hood shootings needed to be labeled a “terrorist attack,” because the United States must face up to the truth in order to shield the public from future […]

Video: Katie Couric Interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Before he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke to the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric: “The world needs a new system. Today‘s conditions cannot go on the way they are, in other words, the status quo cannot keep. The economic conditions around the world, cultural problems, as well […]

Leila Dena Perfectly Describes Youth of Iran’s Green Revolution

In her Seven Days in Tehran piece for GQ, Leila Dena inadvertently arrived to an uprising where she hoped to reconnect with her roots and expose her people’s obsessions with Versace, plastic surgery, Lost, and pretty much every other indulgence the youth in the West enjoy. What Dena ended up with however, was an article […]

Video : Iranians Shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ Night of 9/11/09

simply Amazing. ppl of Tehran chanted Allah o Akbar tonight louder and stronger than before [Twitter]