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George Bush Didn’t Know Who Sarah Palin Was, Gave Her Five Days for Inexperience to Show

Sometimes even George Bush says things can endear him to us, if only by the most infinitesimal amount. Notice though, that Bush says Palin and co. were not ready for life on the national stage. He doesn’t even bring up her lack of foreign policy experience or understanding of international issues. Bush is pointing out […]

Video : Dave Chappelle ‘America Needs an Honest Discourse With Itself’

For the first time since it originally aired in 2007, I watched comedian Dave Chappelle’s appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio and really paid attention to how Dave responded to the situation. Regardless of what may currently be going on in the man’s life his response to a question about how to deal with people […]

Joe Biden is Right About U.S. and British Troop Cost of Afghan War

Though I have constantly been stating that the war in Afghanistan is more than about the national security of any individual nation, and as much about stabilizing a part of the world that has seen nothing but death, destruction, and foreign intrusion for the past thirty years, the Vice President is correct in asserting that […]

Snippet of Unreleased Michael Jackson Song ‘A Place With No Name’

Somehow, TMZ was able to obtain an unreleased Michael Jackson song, ‘A Place With No Name,’ which samples America’s ‘A Horse With No Name.’ This song is infintely better than most anything on Jackson’s 2001 effort Invincible. Interestingly enough, this would not be the first time that a Jackson sampled America for a pop song, […]

Obama Speechwriter Gives Insight Into President’s Candid Speech to Muslim World in Cairo

Hopefully, with the United States’ view of Islam and Muslim nations in decline, President Obama will be able to deliver on the promises of a forthright speech that will challenge both Muslims around the world and Americans to look at the relationships amongst the two groups differently. At the same time, for the betterment and […]