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Voter Turnout in Afghan Parliamentary Election in Contention

The people of Afghanistan took to the polls today in the nation’s Parliamentary elections. Despite attacks and threats of violence, the people of Afghanistan did indeed come out to vote. However, the exact number of those Afghans exercising their civic duties is still in contention: The election commission has yet to provide an overall turnout […]

Karzai Reps on McChrystal : ‘We’re All Prone to Make Mistakes’

Before the announcement of General Stanley McChrystal’s dismissal was made, spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Waheed Omar, said that the removal of General McChrystal from his post would be a major setback to the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan. Omar takes the opportunity to remind the international community that McChrystal’s was not the first, last, […]

Gates : U.S. and NATO Will MUST Show Success in Afghanistan by Winter

United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who is slated to meet with other defense ministers of NATO nations later in the week, says that General Stanley McChrystal will demonstrate some level of success in Afghanistan by the coming winter. As NATO and U.S. publics are quickly becoming less supportive of foreign troop presences throughout […]

Arizona Governor Expands Racist Legislation to Schools

Jan Brewer, Republican governor of Arizona, has signed a bill that some say is killing ethnic studies in Arizona schools. The news comes only weeks after Brewer signed the controversial SB1070 into Law, an immigration law that many critics point out as being racially motivated with the potential to lead to massive racial profiling within […]

Victims of Three Decades of War in Afghanistan Speak Out in Kabul Gathering

After suffering 30 years of endless war and corrupt regimes, the people of Afghanistan – those who lost sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers in the three decades of fighting – are being assembled by legal advocates in the nation’s Capital city. Over 1,500 Afghans were in attendance to discuss what should be done […]