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Lines, Vines, and Trying Times : The Music of 2009

The biggest story in music this year was the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, the Once and Future King of Pop. Moreso than the death of an individual, the King of Pop’s death signified the end of the explosive, border crossing, iconic, truly global megastar. Six months into a year that saw Pop music deep […]

Video : Mousavi and the Masses

Al Jazeera English examines the role of Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh in Iranian society since his time as Prime Minister under Ayatollah Khomeini up until the aftermath of the much disputed tenth Presidential election in Iran. Al Jazeera asks if Mousavi has gone from a deeply entrenched part of the Iranian establishment to the opposition hero, […]

Video : Inside The Iranian Election Protests

Al Jazeera English’s People & Power has this fascinating look at the events immediately following the highly contested tenth Presidential election in Iran. Including footage shot even after they were forbidden to shoot the action on the streets of Iran showing individual people and their thoughts of what is transpiring before their eyes in their […]

New York Times : Khamenei ‘Has Factionalized Himself’

The Times’ Roger Cohen has penned this Editorialpiece in which he depicts the fight and struggle of the people on the streets of Iran. Cohen also writes of the risk that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has taken in allying himself with incumbent President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and exactly who is marching on the streets of Iran for […]

Daily Show’s Jason Jones in Iran Hunting for ‘Evil’

The Daily Show’s Jason Jones went to Iran before what would become the nation’s hotly contested and controversial tenth Presidential election. While in Iran, Jones played off the media perpetuated stereotypes of Muslims, and Iranians, in particular as the evil people of the world. Of course, in this quest to find what he expected to […]