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Rebekah Brooks Arrest, 4 Front Pages Compared

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Should Afghanistan Be Having a Peace Jirga With Pakistan?

Gender and Development Specialist for the Canadian International Development Agency in Kabul, 27 year old Wazhma Frogh, recently wrote an editorial for the BBC analyzing the possibilities of success for Afghanistan’s upcoming “Peace Jirga.” Ms. Frogh, who was a victim of gender discrimination in her home in Afghanistan and the refugee camps of Pakistan, seems […]

M.I.A. ‘XXXO’ : Maya Gets Futuristic AND PoPpy

The BBC’s Radio 1 has debuted ‘XXXO‘ the first official single from M.I.A.’s still as yet untitled third album due out in the United States on June 22nd. To say the future pop leanings of the single is a surprise would be an understatement. In fact, Pretty Much Amazing said XXXO “sounds like something I’d […]

BBC on UNHCHR Report: Not Enough Development Work in Afghanistan

In their coverage of a new report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the BBC highlights more startling facts from the 26 page UNHCHR report regarding infant mortality and illiteracy as contributors to the lack of progress in the embattled nation. According to the BBC, the world at large is concentrating […]

Karzai to Allow Two Foreigners Into Electoral Complaints Commission

After signing a decree last month that would have given him full control over Afghanistan’s Electoral Complaints Commission, Afghan President, Hamid Karzai has backtracked and agreed to let two foreigners into the watchdog group. The Electoral Complaints Commission was the group responsible for uncovering much of the the massive fraud in the second Afghan Presidential […]