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Huffington Post’s Spin Machine Backfires With COMPLETELY Inaccurate Headline

Above is a screen capture from the front page of the Huffington Post today. Of course, what the biased and heavily spun headline leaves out however is that the Joe is not by any means discrediting former Governor Palin. In fact, he is making the case for her to be more like the Republican party’s […]

Bill Mann on Why Chris Matthews Could Make You Argumentative AND Insufferable

Writing for the Huffington Post, Bill Mann, looks at the recent media perpetuated “battle” between current United States President Barack Obama and former United States Vice President Dick Cheney on torture tactics administered by the United States during the Bush Administration. Mann looks specifically through the lens of author Deborah Tannen’s book The Argument Culture, […]

Adbusters and Truthout Take on Israel Bias

Adbusters | Bias in the BBC’s coverage of Gaza: On February 29 last year the BBC’s website reported deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai threatening a ‘holocaust’ on Gaza. Headlined “Israel warns of Gaza ‘holocaust,’” the story would undergo nine revisions in the next twelve hours. Before the day was over, the headline would read “Gaza […]