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What Chelsea and Jenna’s Weddings Say About American Partisanship

Thanks to the advent of the new Safari 5 Extension Gallery not only did I know when Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding was, but also that it allegedly cost in the millions. Also thanks to the Safari 5 Extension Gallery I spotted someone on Twitter commenting that the cost differencial between Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton’s weddings […]

Could Sudan Be Afghanistan Part III and Iraq Part II?

In an Op–Ed for the New York Times, John Prendergast and author Dave Eggers explore a question they see as gaining increasing prominence within the United States – if the United States has the “ability as a nation to positively influence events abroad?” According to Eggers and Prendergast not only does the United States still […]

Video : Obama on ‘Progress’ in Afghanistan and ‘Centrist’ Healthcare Reform

After having literally witnessed “progress” (which he shortly after admitted to being slow and not enough) in Afghanistan from the windows of Air Force One as he flew into Afghanistan under the cover of night, without speaking to a single Afghan (including the press) aside from President Hamid Karzai, United States President Barack Hussein Obama […]

Jay-Z on Obama, Kanye, and Herbie Hancock

Aside from having elevated Hip Hop to entirely new levels both on the Billboard Charts and culturally, Jay-Z is also a well spoken man who can offer intelligent insights on issues surrounding Hip Hop, Popular culture, and race. In the February issue of Interview magazine, Jay discusses the now infamous VMA outburst, meeting the current […]

Bill Clinton Supportive of Obama’s Surge

While speaking at a dinner attended by 1,000 Democratic activists in Manchester, New Hampshire, former U.S. President Bill Clinton praised Obama’s careful decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. To Clinton, whose wife Hillary is the current Secretary of State, what was most impressive about Obama’s decision was his willingness to clearly think it through […]