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Jerome Starkey is Having Fun in Afghanistan : The BNW Interview

They say your attitude determine your latitude Times of London correspondent Jerome Starkey has reported on insurgencies in one of the most dangerous parts of the world while still managing to see some of the most beautiful and historic landmarks of an ancient land engulfed in endless war. The seemingly contradictory processes of war reporting […]

Video: A.R. Rahman’s iPad Skills

Classically trained “Mozart of India” and M.I.A. collaborator, A.R. Rahman shows off his musical skills on his beloved iPad. Little Boots has her Tenori–on and now apparently A.R. Rahman has his Bebot:

Video : Afghan Policeman Sings Classic Hindi Song, Seriously Do Afghan Cops EVER Work?

I found this courtesy of Sasha Frere Jones and as endearing as I find this and the video of the Afghan policemen dancing, I seriously have to ask – do Afghan policemen EVER work or catch any criminals? Songs from an Afghan policeman. [Twitter]

Even Afghanistan Can’t Escape Specter of Nicole Scherzinger

Yes, Afghans love Bollywood, likely making the below experience from the Hamesha Blog more about that Bollywood love than the powers of Nicole Scherzinger and her Pussycat Dolls, but then again whose to say the next track in that Land Cruiser wasn’t When I Grow Up? today i passed by this cavalcade of two black […]

Karzai Takes Away Rights, Taliban Loosens Up

Though I am glad that the Taliban are claiming to loosen their inane restrictions on nonsense, outward matters such as beard length, I still think these negotiations could end up giving them much more power than they should ever have: The Taliban, whose extreme interpretation of Sharia law and its harsh punishments made Afghanistan one […]