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Debbie Schlussel on Lara Logan’s Rape : ‘So Sad, Too Bad, Lara’

On February 11, 2011, CBS News reporter Lara Logan was beaten and raped by a crowd in Tahrir Square. For their part, CBS withheld the story for several days, but once the story became public knowledge it was ripe for commentary and ‘analysis.’ Most notably, Conservative ‘political commentator’ (WHY is that still a job?) Debbie […]

Wael Ghonim on 60 Minutes ‘All These Regimes Rely on Fear’

Out on the streets Where I grew up (How I got over) First thing they teach you: Not to give a fuck. (How I got over) That type of thinking can’t get you nowhere (How I got over) Someone has to care. (Ya) “The regime are the ones who basically ended themselves“ “If anyone stands […]

Video : Islamist Youth Surge in the West

Majid Nawaz‘s question about imagined loyalty and connections is perhaps the most important of the entire piece. The power of the growing Western Islamist movement is the ability of it’s leadership to create imagined bonds between Western Muslims and the people of nations they very likely have never stepped foot in or share little else […]

Video : Lara Logan Brings Intelligence to Afghanistan Debate

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was on the Colbert Report earlier this month to speak on Barack Obama’s then newly announced U.S. troop surge in Afghanistan. Logan deflected Colbert’s questions with intelligence that took the simple human elements of daily life and the complexities of the situation in Afghanistan into account. Unlike many pundits speaking […]

Americans Eight Percent More Likely to Believe in UFOs than Oppose a Public Option

Does this mean the tea party on Capitol Hill was really a calling to the alien overlord to banish the crazy Conservatives from this planet?! A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that 65% favored a public option, with only 26% opposed to it. To put that number in perspective: a 2007 Associated Press/Ipsos […]