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Dreamers or Donkey, US Citizenship in Context

While gifted, passionate, hard-working, well–spoken students like David Cho face the daily threat of deportation because of the US government’s unwillingness to pass the Dream Act, the United States government spent 37 days and tens of thousands of dollars to make a donkey from Iraq’s Anbar Province a ‘resident’ of the United States of America. […]

Wael Ghonim on 60 Minutes ‘All These Regimes Rely on Fear’

Out on the streets Where I grew up (How I got over) First thing they teach you: Not to give a fuck. (How I got over) That type of thinking can’t get you nowhere (How I got over) Someone has to care. (Ya) “The regime are the ones who basically ended themselves“ “If anyone stands […]

Bob Schieffer Talks to Dr. ElBaradei Then Immediately Turns to David Sanger…

“You can‘t run a country on repression, detention, torture, lack of economic opportunities for thirty years” “If Washington didn‘t see that coming then there was something wrong with their perception of what was going on in Egypt“ “Yesterday it was the call for him to leave. Today is the call for him to go to […]

Video : Robyn Performs on Letterman

Nearly a week to the day after M.I.A. and her riot girls rocked the Ed Sullivan Theater, fellow BNW favorite, Robyn treated the Late Show with David Letterman to a rousing rendition of her criminally slept on single Dancing on My Own:

Riot Girl Army of M.I.A.’s Shock and Awe Letterman

On the night of her album /\/\ /\ Y /\‘s release, M.I.A. brought along an army of similarly dressed riot girls to the Late Show set for a performance of the album’s first single Born Free. Of course, Ms. Arulpragasam took to her Twitter as a final run through of her last minute preparations before […]