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2010 Grammy Nominatons, Less Old And Less Interesting Than ’09

Last year’s Grammy nominations seemed to be a step in a direction more reflective of the Pop zeitgeist (don’t believe us, check out what Pitchfork had to say) but was ultimately plagued by the presence of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. This year, for the first time in seemingly forever, the Grammy nominations are not […]

Akon and David Guetta Join Madonna’s Party

Ordinarily an Akon–assisted Madonna track would bring back thoughts of lame attempts at relevance through the enlistment of artists that were the it sound of 3 years ago. A phenomenon that much of Madonna’s recent output has been guilty of, but somehow, despite all the cliches of desparation it should have embodied, this remix works […]

Even Madonna Can’t Remember What Made Her Great

This is sad. This is so sad. I would tell Madonna that in the future if you know a song is ‘retarded’ just don’t put it on an album i.e.: Sorry but then I quickly realized that could mean we never would have heard Into the Groove. Madonna should consider herself lucky that we would […]

MP3 : Madonna and Lil Wayne’s ‘Revolver’ Leaves You Wondering What Hath Pro Tools Wrought?

This is sad. This is so sad. Aside from the desperation to sound relevant and ‘with it’ (unfortunately, once again Madonna is about 3 years too late of relevance) inherent in Madonna feeling she should team up with Lil Wayne the real crime of this song falls squarely upon whoever programmed that ridiculous effect on […]

Video : Madonna’s Celebration Music Video

From the looks of the video and the atrociously simplistic lyrics it seems as if Madonna has been on a mission to recreate Into the Groove, to increasingly diminishing returns. I get it, at one point, Madonna was the sexiest white woman on the scene (hence her need to throw her sexuality in our face […]