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Arsalan Iftikhar : Fight Ann Coulter NOT South Park

In an editorial for CNN, Arsalan Iftikhar takes both the mainstream media and the ridiculous (New York based) Muslim radicals to task for causing a ludicrous uproar over an episode of South Park. Iftikhar rightly asserts that the media took an inane, baseless empty threat from a U.S. based ‘Muslim Group‘ and turned it into […]

Siemens Could Lose Los Angeles MTA Contract Due to Sale of Spying Equipment to Iranian Government

In an exclusive story, the Washington Times reports that siemens could potentially lose hundreds of millions of dollars from a proposed plan for the German company to make 100 railcars for the city’s Subway system. Considering the large Iranian presence and population in Los Angeles, the statement behind the final decision in this matter could […]

Nokia and Siemens are to Iran What IBM Was to Holocaust

The Wall Street Journal has a report that shows just how much control over the mobile and Internet activity of its citizens the Iranian government has. Of particular interest in the article is the fact that Siemens and Nokia, who provide much of the nation’s telecom infrastructure, have played some part in allowing the Iranian […]

Declare Independence! Tiananmen Square Massacre 20 Years Later

The Los Angeles Times looks back at the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Masscare of 1989 to ask if the Chinese government’s censorship has kept the youth from knowing the truth of Tiananmen Square, or if the youth of China (like the young people of Iran) are simply apathetic about the events of 20 […]