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Video : Jay-Z on Oprah Winfrey Show

Jay-Z continues his recent string of doing big things for Hip Hop. Having Oprah talk about the music, the struggles, and culture of the Hip Hop artists to people of her audience’s demographic could possibly change a lot of perceptions and break barriers. Especially because Oprah has never been considered a fan of Hip Hop […]

Great Moments in Twitter With @Questlove

I really wish he would. View questlove’s tweet

Video : Divorce is a More Fitting Occasion for a Chris Brown Song

Check out this Indio Productions parody of the Jill and Kevin wedding video that takes place in divorce court: JK Divorce Entrance Dance @ Yahoo! Video Wedding Dance Couple Go To Divorce Court In Spoof [Yahoo!]

Video : Lil Wayne Calls Chris Brown ‘The New Michael [Jackson]’

It seems Chris Brown is really taking tasteless to a whole new level as he tries to gain some redemption and relevance by trying to attach himself to the legacy of the Once and Future King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. I’ve said before that it’s too easy and in real bad taste for Brown […]

Jill and Kevin Use Internet Fame to Combat Domestic Violence

Never let it be said that Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz are oblivious to the implications of using a Chris Brown song in their now infamous wedding dance video. In fact, to combat the recent boon to Brown’s sales as a result of the video, Jill and Kevin are asking people to donate to an […]