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Dreamers or Donkey, US Citizenship in Context

While gifted, passionate, hard-working, well–spoken students like David Cho face the daily threat of deportation because of the US government’s unwillingness to pass the Dream Act, the United States government spent 37 days and tens of thousands of dollars to make a donkey from Iraq’s Anbar Province a ‘resident’ of the United States of America. […]

Video : Note to Orly Taitz, You Know You’re Crazy When Ann Coulter Calls You ‘Foolish’

I am really interested to know what happened before the cameras started rolling, because Dr. Taitz came in with such hostility and full of accusations before David Shuster could even complete his first question:

The Greatest Hits and Minor Misses of Obama’s Cairo Speech

There were a lot of expectations for the speech United States President Barack Hussein Obama gave at Cairo University on the morning of June 04, 2009 and with a few points of diction aside, he hit all the points he needed to and then some. As for the missed opportunities, Obama never once mentioned the […]