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Video : CNN Ad. FINALLY States the Obvious ‘Fox News: Distorting Not Reporting’

Though this may play into the tit for tat games of most opinion driven ‘news stations,’ it’s finally time that CNN took aggressive action to call out the blatant misinformation campaigns of Fox News: New CNN ad: “Fox News: distorting, not reporting” [Digg]

Brilliant MTV Promo for Janet’s Performance to Michael Jackson

Brilliant. Beautiful. The Queen honors the King. “A tribute like no other to a performer like NO OTHER“ MTV Shows

Palestinian Response to Cellcom Ad.

This is the original Cellcom ad. that apparently tries to express the human camaraderie among all people through a soccer ball: This is a more realistic response that shows exactly what would happen had Palestinians kicked a ball over the fences, barriers, and separation wall that keep them from chances at true camaraderie with their […]

Video : Commercial for Bay Area Protest in Support of Iranian People

Saturday, July 25, 2009 has been dubbed a global day of solidarity for the people of Iran. Check out this commercial (including a scene from the City Hall in San Jose) for the Bay Area protest at San Francisco’s City Hall:

Paul McCartney Tries to Laugh Off Michael Jackson’s Beatles Catalog

Paul McCartney was recently on the David Letterman show and addressed the tension surrounding his former relationship with the Once and Future King of Pop after Michael Jackson bought the rights to The Beatles publishing catalog: The good-humored Beatle said that ultimately he took it in stride–that someone had to buy them, and it might […]