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Video : We Are The World (Youtube Version)

I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, but this version is better:

Video : Example ‘Tik Tok’ Live on Radio 1

It seems Radio 1’s Live Lounge has served as a venue for solid proof that Europop > AmeriPop. First Biffy Clyro made us believe in Love Sex and Magic and now Example bring their suave British Hipster sensibilities to Ke$ha’s otherwise filthy anthem for every girl who considers Joe Francis a catch. Also, props to […]

Video : Biffy Clyro Makes You Believe in ‘Love and Sex and Magic’

Probably the greatest cover on the Internet since Chester French took on Shakira’s tales of nocturnal lycanthropy. Download MP3 here. Biffy Clyro “Love Sex Magic (Ciara Cover)” [Mixtape Maestro]

Video : J’Sun Far Outdoes Beyoncé, Covers Halo

Never cared much for the original but J’Sun definitely brings out the lyrics in his performance. “Remember those walls I built? Baby they‘re tumblin‘ down, they didn‘t even put up a fight, they didn‘t even make a sound“

Video : Chester French Cover Shakira’s She Wolf

If it’s one thing Shakira’s new single She Wolf doesn’t lack it’s character. The title track and lead single to Shakira Mebarak’s 2009 album is nothing if not fun and quirky and just when you think the accompanying Jake Nava directed music video took the song’s quirkiness as far it could go came the boys […]