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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Comments on Joining Karzai Administration, Makes Demands of Run-off

With not much time until the November 07 run-off, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has already begun speaking about the logistics of the run-off and chances of him once again serving under a Karzai Administration, should the President be officially re-elected in a legitimate, fair, and transparent election: He won’t join Karzai’s government if the incumbent wins […]

Transcript of Christiane Amanpour’s Interview With Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Runoff

In absence of the video of this interview, I located the transcript from last night’s interview between CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Perhaps I am looking too much into it, but notice how much Dr. Abdullah referred to ‘change’ in his statements about his vision for Afghanistan. I don’t think it is necessarily […]

Video : Peter Galbraith and Christiane Amanpour on Afghan Election Fraud

I was really impressed with Amanpour’s insistence on getting answers about the lack of civilian development in Afghanistan, because she understands that it is a large part of counter-insurgency: “In July when there was a chance to reduce the risk of fraud, or even prevent it, by getting the Afghans to shut down ghost polling […]

Video : Conservatives Re-Igniting McCartyhism Tactics Against Obama

“But we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. The actions of the Junior Senator from Wisconsin have caused alarm and dismay among our allies abroad and given considerable comfort to our enemies. And whose fault is that? Not really his. He didn‘t create this situation of fear, he merely exploited it and […]

Secretary Clinton’s Statements on the Four Freedoms

Speaking at the historic Waldorf-Astoria in New York City on Friday, United States Secretary of State addressed the universal concepts of freedom as outlined by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on January 06, 1941. In particular, Secretary Clinton focused her speech on how the Four Freedoms outlined by Roosevelt are being attacked throughout the world in […]