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Video : Note to Diddy – I Would Give All Your Money to See Michael Jackson and Beyoncé Dancing With Each Other Bey

The ensuing dance must have been one of the greatest pop culture moments in the history of the world. Seriously though, how much would any of us have paid to see Michael Jackson and Beyoncé Knowles dancing with each other at P. Diddy’s white party? Michael Jackson Used Diddy So He Could Dance With Beyonce […]

Rapper Loon Becomes Amir Junaid Muhadith : What is Diddy Doing to His Artists?

What I really appreciate about this interview is that Loon acknowledges that there must be a way to create Hip Hop music that can be a positive influence on people and goes beyond the bling, hoes, cars, Louis Vuitton, and ringtones. Check out Loon’s sincere statements on Hip Hop, Islam, and his rap career below: […]

Musicians, Actors, Producers, Politicians Remember Michael Jackson

Everyone from Nia Long, Lupe Fiasco, and Wale all the way down to arguably, the biggest living pop star left in the world now, Britney Spears, have issued heartfelt and powerful statements on the death of Michael Jackson: Nia Long: Michael was a kind soul with endless talent. He was explosive on stage. His songs […]

What Chrianna Says About Feminism and Race

Though not fully addressed in their Blog post, This Recording brings up an interesting point about the Chris Brown / Rihanna incident: I waited for Gloria Steinem, Anna Quindlen, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Naomi Wolf, someone, to write the seminal essay on the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, about what it means. I wanted to hear a […]