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Pop Justice : Punch Chris Brown not Leona Lewis

Pop Justice is taking to the defense of poor, Leona Lewis – who Idolator called ‘excessively inoffensive‘ – and asking its readers to be nice to a pop star today. Of course, if you can’t be nice at least pick a target worth punching like a certain techni–colored internet scourge (again, Idolator‘s brilliant words) or […]

For Second Day, Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

Let’s see, the second article on CNN’s RSS feed name-checks: Tila Tequila, Twitter, Myspace, MTV and A Shot at Love (as well as its sequel). The power of Internet celebrity and all of the technologies that make it possible at their best:

Moments in Internet History : Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

No, I don’t support the physical abuse she suffered, that should be fairly apparent by now. But who would have ever thought that Tila Tequila would be mentioned by name on CNN?

Possible Explanation for Chris Brown’s Inability to Remember Beating Up Rihanna

On her Twitter account today, Solange Knowles posed this question: View solangeknowles’s tweet To which she received this response: View solangeknowles’s tweet One can only presume that the question was in fact spawned by this statement made by Chris Brown on CNN’s Larry King Live: CHRIS BROWN TALKS TO LARRY KINGby thatsfunny Chris Brown…Are You […]