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Video : Grammy Tribute to King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson

Carrie Underwood, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson (Michael’s Motown label-mate) and Celine Dion paid tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson at tonight’s Grammy Awards ceremony. Together they managed to bring soul and emotion to what was one of MJ’s most pretentious and preachy singles. Also, it’s always amazing to see how much […]

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times : The Music of 2009

The biggest story in music this year was the death of Michael Joseph Jackson, the Once and Future King of Pop. Moreso than the death of an individual, the King of Pop’s death signified the end of the explosive, border crossing, iconic, truly global megastar. Six months into a year that saw Pop music deep […]

Everyday [Re -] Create Your History : ‘This Is It’ Review

If there is one thing This Is It teaches the audience about Michael Joseph Jackson it’s that he knew the power of his catalogue. He understood the impact he had on Pop music. Call it hubris, call it a ‘fame monster,’ but no matter what you call it, by the time the credits roll you […]

Remember The Time : Michael Jackson DJ Moustik ’90s Megamix

Incredible megamix featuring MJ’s biggest hits from the 1990s. Born to amuse To inspire to delight Here one day Gone one night