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Clinton to Armenia : Democracy Nothing Without Pluralism

Speaking in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and current U.S. Ambassador Armenia, Marie L. Yovanovitch, spoke about the importance of civil society in democracy formation. Most specifically, Secretary Clinton spoke out against a law that would limit the rollout of digital television and radio throughout Armenia. Under the law, […]

Dr. Abdullah to Karzai : Embrace Afghan People Not Taliban

Speaking to London’s Telegraph, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah (who seems to be forever branded as ‘Karzai’s Rival’) warned against the Afghan President’s plans to reintegrate and reconcile with the Taliban. To Dr. Abdullah, negotiating with those who executed burka-clad women at Ghazi Stadium and continue to keep Afghan boys and girls from education is an affront […]

M.I.A. Still Using Twitter to Support Tamil People

Speaking to Tavis Smiley earlier this year Sri Lankan Hip Hop artist, M.I.A. spoke about her obligation to bring forth the plight of the Tamil people in the Western media. Being the only Tamil in the Western media, I have a really great opportunity to sort of bring forward what‘s going on in Sri Lanka. […]

Gadhafi Questions Validity of Security Council, Is He Correct?

It seems between Ahmadinejad and Gadhafi today was quite a good day for world leaders, or ‘world leaders’ in their cases, making outlandish statements that if stated by other people in a more sensible and proper manner actually would have made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, most of it was vitriol, insanity, and red herrings […]

In France, Afghans and Kurds are The New Mexicans

According to the Associated Press, France has detained 278 people – mostly Afghans – as they were trying to illegally enter Britian through the English Channel. Of note are several facts: these people were hiding in a squalid camp in the city of Calais, they were detained for allegedly being in what French authorities call […]