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Revolution Sounds Like A…Pop Song

Last night Wael Ghonim took to his Twitter to profess his appreciation for the Miley Cyrus’ The Climb as a source of inspiration. Worried about his taste and understanding of American Pop music I quickly made a few suggestions of my own: Nas, Johnny Cash, Nelly Furtado, and even Kelly Clarkson (what’s more inspirational AND […]

Kanye West’s Official Amazing Music Video is Anything But

The official music video for Amazing directed by Hype Williams: The far superior 2009 NBA Playoff Preview video: Come on Kanye, this video reminded me of this, this, and this all of which were completely uninteresting videographic dreck. KANYE WEST – AMAZING (FEAT. YOUNG JEEZY) (MUSIC VIDEO) [Mossip]

Despondence and Hope : Music of 2008