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Moments in Internet History : Tila Tequila on CNN RSS Feed

No, I don’t support the physical abuse she suffered, that should be fairly apparent by now. But who would have ever thought that Tila Tequila would be mentioned by name on CNN?

Video : Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler on Charlie Rose

I saw this episode on Friday after returning from a showing of Funny People and what I really appreciated about the interview was Apatow’s statements about making real-life comedies with tinges of drama. When Judd Apatow talks about having the emotion and conversation carry the film rather than a need to be a riotous, raucous, […]

Kanye West on Truth Behind ‘King of Pop’ Claims : ‘I Haven’t Said Anything’

Kanye West recently took to his Blog to clear the air about the statements attributed to him claiming he can take over the King of Pop‘s throne from Michael Joseph Jackson. It turns out not only did Kanye not say anything to that effect, but more importantly, this experience (and others like it), have helped […]

Rupert Everett on Michael Jackson : ‘ He Was a Black to White Minstrel’

Speaking to London’s Daily Mirror, actor Rupert Everett has made some very questionable comments about the Once and Future King of Pop. There is of course, no problem of criticizing Michael Joseph Jackson, or commenting about the pressures of fame destroying him (as Everett did), but some of comments leave you unsure of the true […]

Don’t Ask Mayor Bloomberg or Lady GaGa Stupid Questions

By the looks of this video, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is looking to extend Mayoral term limits in New York City is far too rich and far too powerful to be asked “stupid” questions by journalists at a press conference in Queens. Oh well, anything’s better than Giuliani Fortunately for us, Lady GaGa has a […]